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  • How do I begin the application/admissions process?
    A. You can click on contact us or email us at For info ASAP, call 954-625-5651 and ask for Otis Johnson. (Head Coach) What makes your coaching staff unique?
  • What makes your coaching staff unique?
    The Westlake Tennis Academy Staff have been Davis Cup/Fed Cup players. We have coaches, hitters, and travelling coaches for top 100 players on the WTA and/or ATP tours. All players receive individual attention, close academic guidance and personal counseling. Maximum 4 to 1 player to coach ratio or less at all times.
  • Is there a deadline for registering for Summer?
    A. The deadline for our Summer Program is May 25th, 2021. Limited space available for groups. Call 954-625-5651 or apply online.
  • What if it rains during a session?
    A. Florida rain is unpredictable. When it rains players will be inside the pro shop watching video analysis of their play.
  • How do I know which group is right for my son/daughter?
    A. If your son/daughter new to tennis we will place them by SKILL level, not age! If a player is older than 10 years old we will place them by age group.
  • Why is my child not advancing as fast as their friend?
    A. Everyone learns at a different pace. When we are comparing kid’s tennis. One thing you never want to do is judge your student to another students. Most of the times the best kids later are not the best when they are younger.
  • Do you suggest private lessons or doing classes?
    A. Both! Private lessons are a great way to develop the individual aspects of the game. Not every player has the exact same strokes. This is where we work with each player 1 on 1. Classes are a great to economical way to learn the game. Classes are designed to focus on the fundamentals and getting lots of repetitions. The best combination is combining the two for the best development plan. We start private classes Ages 6 and up.
  • Will you be offering weekend classes at any point?
    A. Yes, we do have the plan to offer weekend classes for many our programs. We will also be offering current classes on different days and times as well as our program expands.
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